StereoStickMan Interview

To celebrate the launch of their wonderful new album Catacomb Songs, we caught up with classic songwriter outfit Winchester 7 & The Runners, to dig a little deeper into the music, the project overall, and their creative journey since we…


MoggBlog: Interview with Winchester 7 & the Runners

Garage rock outfit Winchester 7 & the Runners are a trio that recently stopped by MoggBlog to chat about writing processes, dream collaboration, their latest release ‘When the World Stops Spinning’ and how the internet has impacted the music business. 


IndieX Music: Winchester 7 and the Runners - Argos Holiday

One of the first tracks that really caught my attention was "The Golden Age" 

This song starts with a cresending fuzzy electric guitar introduction that leads into the quiet but powerful halfharmonic vocals, the drums are simple but do the…


WeJam - Hall of Fame: Interview

Please introduce your band 

I'm Winchester 7 and am based out of Atlanta, GA. Our bassist, Phil Voorhees, resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and drummer, Jack Kane, is itinerant within the United Kingdom. We call our style indie ukulele rock…


Funk in the Trunk: Getting Mellow With Winchester 7 & the Runners

Last year, Winchester 7 & the Runners released their third album "Argos Holiday", an album with multipule different sounds and emotions...Clearly Winchester 7 & the Runners draw their influence from many different genres and styles and that really shows in…