SleepingBagStudios: Winchester 7 & The Runners – Argos Holiday


As many of the details behind Winchester 7 & The Runners are still coming to light, I wouldn’t profess to know the entire story of this band, but I have discovered a great snapshot view of some information that overall, certainly connected with me personally, and I’d imagine many of you will feel the same.  I used to think it was a mindset that came along with being a writer…but I’m willing to extend it to the music & art world at-large as well – no matter what we do, how well we do it, how often or how little – us creative types tend to feel fraudulent at times, or like we never use our skillsets to their maximum potential.  You can work around the clock and still feel that way, even with all that effort put in – but it hits you harder when you’re not immersed in applying your talents to what you believe they were truly meant for, or using them as much as you’d like to be.  LIFE…has an extremely nasty tendency to get in the way of living our dreams…and sometimes ya gotta draw that line in the sand, definitively make a monumental change of some sort, shake yourself outta the slumber of routine…and MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

So yes…you better believe I’ve got a lot of love and respect for Winchester 7 doing exactly that.


Generating interest and momentum proves to be zero problem as “When The World Stops Spinning” kicks into its blissfully distorted melodic energy.  Right off the drop, you can hear the catchiness, you can hear the fun you’d imagine has been created in that whole phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes-of-a-midlife-crisis would come with it, and there’s a killer mix of treble-up awesomeness to be experienced from start to finish.  To me, this was like…man…somewhere in between like, Thomas Dolby and The Dandy Warhols combined their wild ideas and addictive grooves together and “When The World Stops Spinning” came out as a result.  If you’re familiar with both, you’ll hear what I’m talking about for sure, & you’ll be equally impressed by what a range of sound/style that covers & how much it all fits together.  There is a wonderful frenetic energy that runs rampantly throughout this opening cut that leads directly to a remarkable first impression of what Winchester 7 & The Runners are capable of – they’ve clearly put thought into what would make the greatest gateway into Argos Holiday, and they were 100% right.