Indie Central Music: Winchester 7 & the Runners embrace ukuleles to fuse together garage and indie rock

There aren’t many well-known artists out there using ukuleles, but for Winchester 7 & the Runners they are uprooting that stigma. 

Started by Georgia-based musician Winchester 7, he is accompanied in this project by the Runners, made up of Phil Voorhees (bass) from Amsterdam, and Britonian Jack Kane (drums). Their fusion of garage rock and indie rock has a twang of traditional American rock and that typical lo-garage sound...Jangly ukulele notes are seen throughout the nine tracks with Jack and Phil’s drums and bass support the ear-catching melodies...You can instantly feel the professionalism through their music and getting the full sonic landscape of their diverse garage rock...This is powerful music from an interesting group of musicians and breaks away from the conventional guitar-based “indie band”...