The Other Side Reviews: A Chat with Winchester 7 & The Runners

All the way from the USA, Atlanta-based Winchester 7 & The Runners are an alt-rock meets grunge trio with some indie ukulele in the mix. Following their well-received 2019 single ‘When The World Stops Spinning’, the lads released a full-length album entitled Argos Holiday. We had a chance to speak with Winchester 7 (vocals and ukelele), Phil Voorhees (bass) and Jack Kane (drums) about Argos Holiday, future plans and reality shows. 

OSR: How did Winchester 7 & The Runners come about? 

Winchester 7: Well, I’m Winchester 7 and these two were pulling a runner. 

Kane: We weren’t fast enough, obviously! 

Winchester 7: Well, after I caught up with them it turned out that they rocked! I had an electric ukulele so it was that or back to the Dome.