Life Beyond the Dome Rocks

Indie Ukulele Rock, by definition is intended to be fun. We're here to be part of that - Winchester 7

When Phil Voorhees (bass) and Jack Kane (drums) decided to pull a runner, they didn’t expect that the one to come after them would be Winchester 7 (vocals, ukulele).  None of them imagined that when their paths finally crossed, a few bass notes and halting drum beat would be met with a rocking ukulele reply, vocal harmony, and…music.

Together, Winchester 7 & the Runners, have since found that a forgotten world, beyond the dome welcomes their music and films even as their friendship grows.

Out of Atlanta, Georgia-based (home to Winchester 7), Sanctuary Studio; though runners, Voorhees now resides in Amsterdam and Kane is itinerant within the United Kingdom; the trio deliver their unique blend of indie garage rock with alternative, classic, and surf influences.


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Independent Music News 24: Winchester 7 & the Runners – “My Super 8” – solid rock n’ roll business! 

Winchester 7 & the Runners are focused on the future, but their latest single “My Super 8”, takes them nostalgically into the past. From the first jangly guitar-like notes and steadfast drumming, we get a hint that this track may not stray too far from its legendary indie rock predecessors.  It hearkens back to a time when guitars shimmered, and shoved throbbing bass and drum arrangements, supporting ear-catching melodies bouncing over the top. The song is so bright it’s practically glowing, with a simply…

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Stereo Stickman: Winchester 7 & The Runners My Super 8 

Nostalgic good vibes aplenty make this an easy track to drift off to – and to briefly forget you’re writing it up… 

Winchester 7 and the Runners always create from the heart and with a certain air of original rock and roll, and My Super 8 is far from the exception. In this case though, colourful riffs and a calming, uplifting melody set a bright and immersive mood from the outset, and the song’s lyrics go on to further this sense of peace and appreciation....READ MORE

Phil and Jack's Joint Statement 

We would like to take this moment to reassure our fans that despite what has continued to be written about us by one publication, which we shall not name, we are very much real. 

"Personally, I've always existed, as far as I'm concerned and I defy anyone to convince me otherwise," adds Jack Kane (drummer). 

"Unless this is all actually somebody's dream or something," clarifies Phil Voorhees (bass). 

"Sure, there's that.  So...let me just add then, we most certainly exist...unless we are all a part of…

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MusicNotez: Winchester 7 & The Runners Follow Up Album ‘The Forgotten World’ 

We last featured the debut EP ‘Beyond The Dome’ by Winchester 7 & The Runners. It didn’t take long for a follow up to drop, so here’s the bull album ‘The Forgotten World’. This album features 7 original tracks...This album has a little more of a chill vibe to it than it’s previous debut EP, however still some rocking tracks as well. Overall, as we’ve come to expect, another great release!  READ MORE


Music is often hard to describe in words. We can get an idea in our head of what we will hear when we are told of the influences or the instruments involved but nothing can replace the sounds reaching your ears. An open mind will often discover the most amazing music. Our recent discovery Winchester 7 & The Runners is one such band that needed to be heard to understand...read more here: https://indiebandguru.com/winchester-7-the-runners-saint-simon-killer/