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Indie Ukulele Rock, by definition is intended to be fun. We're here to be part of that - Winchester 7

When Phil Voorhees (bass) and Jack Kane (drums) decided to pull a runner, they didn’t expect that the one to come after them would be Winchester 7 (vocals, ukulele).  None of them imagined that when their paths finally crossed, a few bass notes and halting drum beat would be met with a rocking ukulele reply, vocal harmony, and…music.

Together, Winchester 7 & the Runners, have since found that a forgotten world, beyond the dome welcomes their music and films even as their friendship grows.

Out of Atlanta, Georgia-based (home to Winchester 7), Sanctuary Studio; though runners, Voorhees now resides in Amsterdam and Kane is itinerant within the United Kingdom; the trio deliver their unique blend of indie garage rock with alternative, classic, and surf influences.

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We Write About Music: Winchester 7 & the Runners break down their latest EP, "Heart of the Golden Mystics" - Interview 

Taking the time to chat all about the band’s latest record Heart of the Golden Mystics, Winchester from Winchester 7 & the Runners gave us all the info on this fantastic album. Please enjoy our full interview below.

For those who might not be in the know WInchester 7 & the Runners have just unleashed a ukulele-rock EP on the world called Heart of the Golden Mystics. It’s jam packed with heart, soul, passion, and a front to back album experience that delivers in all facets. It takes the power of vivid

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FVMusicBlog: ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’ – Album Release 

Atlanta-based band Winchester 7 & the Runners have released the stunning EP ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’. It is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard this January. 

‘The Saint Simon Killer Returns’ opens the release to an energetic beginning. The stunning storytelling shines through and instantly engages the audience. 

In addition, ‘Married for the Money’ is a standout song with catchy melodies, excellent musicianship and gorgeous riffs. Also, ‘Miss Merry’s Memoriam’ takes the album in a new…

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Plastic Magazine: Indie Rock from Winchester 7 & the Runners 

International alternative outfit Winchester 7 & the Runners is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where frontman and ukulele player Winchester 7 operates, with bass player Phil Voorhees now living in Amsterdam and drummer Jack Kane bouncing around the UK. Together they combine remotely to make their own style of rhythmic indie rock jams with tinges of surf rock vibes. 

All experienced musicians, as Winchester 7 & the Runners they draw on their readily apparent sonic chemistry and accomplished songwriting talent…

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TJPL News: WINCHESTER 7 & THE RUNNERS - Heart Of The Golden Mystics - ALBUM REVIEW 

Self-described International alternatives known as Winchester 7 & the Runners have been pinpointed for their magnificent songwriting and unique flair for fusing the ends of rock and electric ukulele. 

Now back with their album release ‘Heart Of The Golden Mystics’ the band aim to take on genre boundaries and shoot them through the barrel of eight (tracks). 

‘The Saint Simon Killer Returns’, opens its attack by hitting the target in one through its indie rock classics – The Clash meets The Kooks here through…

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The Ark of Music:: Winchester 7 & the Runners – Heart of the Golden Mystics Album Review 

Winchester 7 & the Runners are a three-piece band based in Atlanta, Georgia, that play indie/garage rock with a delightful twist. Doing away with guitars altogether, the chord work is handled by Winchester’s electric ukulele, and the Runners round out the sound with drums and bass (Jack Kane and Phil Voorhees, respectively). Heart of the Golden Mystics is the trio’s fifth studio album and it serves up another delicious helping of the playful, energetic rock music for which they are known. 

The album begins…

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