SleepingBagStudios: Winchester 7 & The Runners Interview

SBS:  Welcome back to our pages once again Winchester 7 & The Runners!  People so rarely want to talk to me more than once a lifetime, let alone twice in a single year – so cheers to you, and many thanks for comin’ on back to us to talk some more tunes.  There must be something exciting going on…hmmm…if only I could figure out what it was…I wonder what it could be…OH RIGHT – a whole new record!  Like I could possibly forget – I probably just posted it up in review at our pages not too long ago…it’s not only still fresh in my mind, it’s still spinning on my playlists over here.  Ya did a stellar job on Heart Of The Golden Mystics…and we’ll get to that, I promise.  In between the last time we talked on the SBS Podcast and this here interview now, how did you go about preparing for the brand-new album?  What changes did you make in between your last record & this one…what was the main priority for you on this album? 

Winchester 7:  Thank you!  It’s terrific to be back and to have the opportunity to talk with you and your readers about the new record. 

Jack: We really liked the review too, thank you very much! 

Phil: Your love of our New Order cover was quite welcome. 

Winchester 7: We worked hard on that one, and indeed the whole album. 

But how did we prepare?  Well, it probably sounds silly, but I suspect that it boils down to that we watched a lot of mysteries. 

Jack: We wrote a song, Miss Merry’s Memoriam, that we imagined would suit a group of mourners at a funeral.  Then, with a victim decided, at some point, Win suggested we write a sequel to our song, The Saint Simon Killer. 

Phil: The Saint Simon Killer Returns! 

Winchester 7: And that ended up being a jumping off point for us!  With those songs finished, we started talking whether there may be more story to tell…and one thing really lead to another. 

Jack: It’s not a concept album though. 

Phil: It’s more a collection of songs which are inter-related.