Winchester 7 & The Runners – Heart Of The Golden Mystics – Album Review

Well what do we have here…it’s these happy chappies we know & love, Winchester 7 & The Runners, returning to our pages once again!  On the technical front, it’s actually their third appearance this year – you might remember them from appearing here at the very start of 2022 with a review we wrote up on the album Catacomb Songs as January kicked into gear, or perhaps later on in that same month with a special interview we ran on the SBS Podcast…and if you don’t remember that stuff, click those links!  Our history together runs even deeper…we’ve technically been listening since around the 2020 mark with the album Argos Holiday, and I wrote about one of their singles called “Beneath The Moon And The Stars” in 2021, which I can still recall by memory to this very day if I’m not playin’ it on the ol’ playlist over here.  You get the idea – I’ve been listening!  And it’s because I’ve been listening that I can speak to the fact that Winchester 7 & The Runners has really started to surge into their prime on this new record.