Music Arena GH Interview: Winchester 7 & the Runners Presents To You ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’

What is your stage name? 

Winchester 7: We are Winchester 7 & the Runners 

Is there a story behind your stage name? 

Winchester 7: Well, I’m Winchester 7! 

Phil: And we were runners, though technically, we all are now. 

Jack: You see, we come from the same place, originally.  It was…a sort of community. 

Phil: A closed society which shared similar ideals. 

Jack: Until Phil and I got some different ones in our heads, anyway. 

Phil: We decided that we wanted to see the world…or those parts of it which we had not seen. 

Jack: I mean, we knew that there were other places.  We’re not daft!  We just, collectively, believed that we had all we needed where we were. 

Phil: So, we set out to broaden our horizons. 

Jack: And then ol’ Win came along. 

Winchester 7: Everyone had a job to do. Mine just happened to be to try to persuade those who wanted to leave that they really didn’t. 

Jack: We thought that we’d left it well and good behind when we decided to set up camp for the night and play a little music. 

Winchester 7: I remember hearing drums and bass in the distance.  I followed the sound and, as I got closer….well, it was kind of mesmerizing… I had my ukulele with me and just joined in! 

Phil: It was a big surprise! 

Jack: But the thing Is, Win doesn’t play the ukulele the way you might think it would be played. 

Winchester 7: So, we decided to form a band! 

Phil: We were better off together than apart. 

Jack: And we never did go back. 

Winchester 7: Instead, we spent years traveling around the world perfecting our sound.  Though we each, eventually, would settle in different parts of the world that experience forever connected us.