Plastic Magazine: Indie Rock from Winchester 7 & the Runners

International alternative outfit Winchester 7 & the Runners is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where frontman and ukulele player Winchester 7 operates, with bass player Phil Voorhees now living in Amsterdam and drummer Jack Kane bouncing around the UK. Together they combine remotely to make their own style of rhythmic indie rock jams with tinges of surf rock vibes. 

All experienced musicians, as Winchester 7 & the Runners they draw on their readily apparent sonic chemistry and accomplished songwriting talent to create music that’s hook-driven and utterly charming. Making their entrance in 2019, they released their debut full-length record with the seven-track album Beyond the Dome.

Since then they’ve dropped a string of stellar singles and albums and now bring us their latest release with their new EP titled Heart of the Golden Mystics. Across the highly anticipated eight-track release, they deliver the very best of their grooving rock sound driven by piquant use of electric ukulele to offer a style that’s equally current as it is timeless.