FVMusicBlog: ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’ – Album Release

Atlanta-based band Winchester 7 & the Runners have released the stunning EP ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’. It is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard this January. 

‘The Saint Simon Killer Returns’ opens the release to an energetic beginning. The stunning storytelling shines through and instantly engages the audience. 

In addition, ‘Married for the Money’ is a standout song with catchy melodies, excellent musicianship and gorgeous riffs. Also, ‘Miss Merry’s Memoriam’ takes the album in a new direction with a laid-back groove, stoic rhythm section and intriguing lyrics. 

Finally, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ is a bonus track that closes the release. It again takes the EP in a fresh direction with punchy production, electronic instrumentation and Winchester 7 & the Runners’s trademark engaging storytelling. ‘Heart of the Golden Mystics’ is an EP that needs to be heard.