SleepingBagStudios: Winchester 7 & The Runners – “Beneath The Moon And The Stars”

Ahhhh right on – these cool cats are back in action already?  I’m in! 

It was just back in December of last year that Winchester 7 & The Runners ended up on my radar & my playlists over here via checking out their last record, the Argos Holiday EP, which made for a stellar introduction into what this crew is all about & the wild Indie/Alt-Rock vibes they’re pumping out into this world of ours.  Didn’t take all that much to get my attention here with this new single of theirs called “Beneath The Moon And The Stars” – I’d say it’s mighty safe to assume that Winchester 7 & The Runners & I all get down on similar vibes & the music we choose to listen to for sure.  Tons of ear-catching texture & tones to dig on in their latest cut – I liked it right away, and I continued to become more addicted to this single as I listened for sure.