The Sounds Won't Stop: An Interview With Winchester 7 & The Runners

Winchester 7 & The Runners just dropped a full length album that ventures into a multitude of indie-rock fusing fuzztones with classic rock undertones and sprinkling pop over just about everything. 

The Argos Holiday album is a massive and colorful record that feels great to listen to as it takes you through vibrant and fun pop rock with a certain swagger and character. 

Loaded with musical and vocal hooks, the album does an excellent job of bringing sounds together to create something that's sonically all it's own...


TSWS: Okay let's start with the Argos Holiday album. This record has some awesome energy 

and a sound that crosses garage rock with classic rock and more in between. Where did 

this record come from? 

WINCHESTER 7: Thank you very much. It’s always great to hear when that comes 

through. We had a lot of fun making it and set out from the start to do something different.